Lernejo Les élèves THE FIRST LOCATION:

In the state of GOIAS, in central Brazil (155 miles north of Brasilia) The farm school BONA-ESPERO (Good hop) in the Alto Paraiso of Goias (14°08'143'' – 47°37'080'') in the arid savannah. Temperatures are always somewhere between 68° kaj 86 °F, and the altitude is 3,937 feet above sea level .

In that unfavorable region, volunteer Esperantists from Europe and Brazil founded an independent institution in 1957 to offer alternative instruction and education to the third-world youth of that area, where the burgeoning population sometimes leads to the abandonment of children on the streets. Everyday life in Bona Espero consists mainly of 6 concepts. (1. Quality of life - 2. Social activities - 3. The culture of Esperanto- 4. The school - 5. Contact with European Esperantists - 6. State-based education

The Brazilian team for the project ''Plantu-arbon"

In September 2007 -before the planting

The institute owns 2,348 acres of unused land. So our association plans to plant trees in order to: -support the Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)'Plant for the planet',
-help that institute, which is capable not only of harvesting the fruits of that labor, but also of utilizing fully the fruits of that labor; and also to create a sense of international solidarity among youth by means of stewardship of trees and of Esperanto.